Newegg Mobile

Newegg Mobile 4.4.5

Research and buy electronics and more


  • Snappy, intuitive interface
  • Useful, in-depth, user-submitted reviews
  • Quick access to deals
  • Access to your wishlists


  • No price comparisons
  • Some details on product pages cut off

Newegg Mobile for Android is a shopping app that lets you search for and research products on

Newegg has always provided a great shopping experience for electronics and now they've brought that experience to Android with Newegg Mobile. The app is easy to use and will feel intuitive to Android users. Scroll from right to left to access more information on pages.

The home page of Newegg Mobile shows current deals, when they expire, as well as personalized recommendations, if you're signed in with your Newegg account. Tapping on a product will give you detailed information about it as well as user reviews and related items. Unfortunately, Newegg Mobile cut off details about some products, which makes gaining knowledge about an item difficult. Hopefully Newegg can sort this out in an update.

Newegg Mobile is great for searching for products and browsing for electronics but the lack of a price comparison feature hampers the experience. While Newegg Moble does show shipping costs, it'd be nice if there were offers from third-party vendors, like with Amazon.

Overall, Newegg Mobile provides a solid shopping experience for products on Newegg and nothing more.

Newegg Mobile


Newegg Mobile 4.4.5

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